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Shanna Raymond

Shanna Raymond


Shanna Raymond - FeelingsShanna Raymond - Feelings
Shanna Raymond - School Tour 2016 (Basseterre High School)Shanna Raymond - School Tour 2016 (Basseterre High School)
Shanna - International GirlShanna - International Girl
Shanna - GypsyShanna - Gypsy
Shanna - Listen to My BodyShanna - Listen to My Body
Shanna - Queen A D RingShanna - Queen A D Ring


With her unforgettable style, talent, and unmatched passion, Shannakay Raymond has risen to take her place in the music world and the top is her only vision. On stage, Shanna, the fan- proclaimed “Queen of de Ring” has entertained small to large crowds with her powerful vocals, energy and presence from start to finish.Shanna was born in Jamaica but now lives in St. Kitts and started singing from a tender age and grabbed every opportunity to join school and church choirs. Her career as a musician started when she more


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