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Robertine Webbe

Robertine Webbe



Roberitine Webbe, a leader, dancer, contortionist, pageant activist, scholar, accountingtutor are some of who she is. She has been heavily involved in the performing artsespecially the artform of Dance at very young age. Roberitine, started off with FirefliesDance school at the early age of 4, when she started her education at the St. Theresa’sConvent School. In her early years, she participated in numerous talent shows such as theRotary Club of Liamigua Talent Search Competition. She has been in numerouscheerleading more

My Experience

Awards Recieved
Delta Mu Delta Honor Society in Business
Monroe College
Jan 18
Delta Mu Delta Scholar
Monroe College
Jan 18
Certificate of Completion - Dance Teacher Training Workshop
St. Kitts Department of Culture
Jun 16


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